As the timing of the contract is approaching, it is noteworthy 토토사이트 whether it will be a standard for inferring Kim Jae-hwan (31, Doosan).

Tsugo, who is in the process of posting a system (private competitive bidding), went to the US on the 7th and entered a full-scale search.  Tsugo started the posting process first among Korean and Japanese players.  The deadline is 20 December.  Now you have two weeks to make a decision.  The MLB Winter Meeting, which 안전놀이터 will begin on the 9th, will be a watershed.

Tsutgo is a slugger representing Japan.  It's not an 토토 all-round player because of the big question marks in defense, but it's clear.  Tsugo, who made his first professional debut in 2010, hit 205 home runs in 968 games.  He has consistently made cannons, including 44 home runs in 2016, 28 home runs in 2017, 38 home runs in 2018 and 29 home runs this year.

Several American League clubs are now interested in writing.  Local media, including the major league official website (, reported that "Toronto, Detroit, the Chicago White Sox, and Minnesota are 토토사이트추천 very interested in writing and posting."  While not in a bad mood, US sports media 'The Athletic' offered $ 10 million in two years for Tsugo's contract.

MLB's not so much appreciated for Asian hitters.  With that 먹튀검증 in mind, $ 10 million in two years is not a bad condition.  If Tsugo wins more than $ 10 million in two years, Kim Jae-hwan's posting can be expected.  This means that the market is okay and that there will be a team to bid on at a cheap price.

In terms of overall evaluation, Tsugo is ahead of Kim Jae-hwan, and Tsugo is much more advantageous than 사설토토사이트 Kim in terms of preparing for the MLB challenge for a long time.  This is because there is much more data to write to.  Kim Jae-hwan, on the other hand, lacked the time for scouts to create a basis for recruitment, and he also looked at the experiences of senior officials.  Apart from skill differences, environmental differences are large.

However, we can 메이저사이트 expect Kim Jae-hwan's approximate amount of postings in common with the left handed slugger, which is somewhat lacking in defense.  Teams who missed the bitterness may rush to collect Kim Jae-hwan information.  Kim will receive less attention than posting and posting, but it is clear that Tsugo's contract size will be an opportunity to approximate the market 파워볼사이트 situation.